End of 2016 Update

Hi everyone!  I wanted to give all of you who are following Rising Hope an update to the ministry this year.  A lot of amazing things have happened so I will do my best to include them here in this post.  This year, we had the privilege of hosting North Cascades YWAM team for their missions portion of their DTS.  For the past few months, we have been meeting at The Majestic building in downtown Bellingham Tuesday nights to receive some training in evangelism, relationship building, apologetics, and how to approach and minister to the homeless.  We began with a goal in mind: through discipleship and relationship-building, slowly bring together a bible study fellowship on the streets with both homeless and non-homeless people. We kicked off our initial weeks by talking about identity, and preparing for the breakdown of our characters as we step foot into the world of front-line […]

Shark Tank!

Hi there, everyone!  It’s been a long time since I last posted on our website.  There have been lots of transition within the ministry, as well as personally being very busy over the past year or so has prevented me from updating this site with frequent updates on testimonies, needs, and other things.  However, Facebook will continue to be the best way to connect with us for the most recent up-to-date news with RHSM.  The delays in updates on this website will hopefully change in the coming weeks as we begin to wrap up our time with this year’s YWAM North Cascades team for this year.  There have been tons of amazing, powerful stories of personal development and city-wide impact I have yet to report, so I will hopefully in the coming weeks put together a post highlighting these testimonies soon. Lots of new ministry partnerships have blossomed since last year, […]

Jon Ng’s Guest Appearance On 100 Huntley Street

It all began nearly three years ago when God challenged me to enter a bridge at night to reach the homeless.  I was terrified, I was nervous, and I even tried to refuse.  But God had a plan, and this step of faith turned into what Rising Hope is today.  Fast forward to today, and Rising Hope is now being featured on one of Canada’s longest running and most viewed Christian talk shows, 100 Huntley Street.  Check out my guest appearance below and let us know what you thought of the interview!

The World of Homelessness (Day 2 Overview)

I pedaled my bike as fast as I could.  I could feel my flannel coat barely able to keep me dry for much longer as the rain continued to beat against me.  The Hope House was getting close, I could see it from afar.  It had been such a long journey from the campsite I was staying at and I desperately needed hygiene items and a change of clothes.  We parked our bikes as Bob and I walked into the small house that’s been transformed into a little warehouse for clothing and hygiene items.  We stepped in and were greeted with a warm smile from the receptionist.  “Welcome to Hope House!” she said.  We filled out some minor paperwork and sat in the waiting room that was filled with people.  Women, men, and children of all ages sat on folding chairs adjacent from a table that sat several coffee dispensers […]

The World of Homelessness (Day 1 Overview)

It’s been a pretty crazy past month and a half, so I apologize for those of you who have been patiently waiting for the monthly blog post to come out.  As many of you know, I am preparing to write a book on my experiences with poverty, and for the last few years of researching this topic and working in the field, it seemed as if there were still missing pieces to how poverty worked, why it was there in the first place, and what are the real solutions that can scale from the macro-to-micro levels that anyone can participate in.  But it wasn’t until I became incarnational, or “one of them” that suddenly the pieces that seemed to float around in my head began to piece together to form a more complete picture of poverty.  I’m still working on a lot of the theory, making it more accessible and more interconnected with […]

Where’s Jon?

By the time you read this, I will be homeless.  You read that right, I am going to be homeless for a week!  I’ve announced this previous last week on our Facebook page, however I want to get into a little more detail as to why (this is not an April Fool’s joke by the way).  For one week, I am going to immerse myself into the culture of the homeless on the streets of Bellingham.  What is it like to be homeless?  What are the challenges?  How will I be seen and be treated differently?  To be honest, this wasn’t my idea at first.  Originally, it was a challenge issued by one of our friends on the streets.  Johnny has told me that they have been asking these “Christian groups” to come out for a week and see what it’s like living in their shoes before trying to preach […]

“You Are Free”

Light illuminated the dark corridors of the unexplored bridge.  With bated breath, the team inched their way through the narrow walkway as we looked for any signs of the living.  This was not a bridge we’ve ever explored in the past, yet despite warnings of danger from our other homeless friends, like a group of pioneers, we set out on an adventure to go to this uncharted area searching for an unknown community.  Shocked, we find several tents fortified with broken down plywood, cardboard boxes, and tarps.  Clothes hanging on walls drying, bicycles parked outside their tents, and bags of supplies littering the entryway, these people have been living here for who knows how long unnoticed; unseen by the world and invisible to their unsuspecting neighbors.  With apprehension and fear, some responded to our presence, and with reluctance received the food, water, and clothing we gave them.  For some of […]

We’re on Faithlife!

Recently, I’ve been given the opportunity to write for Faithlife, the company behind the world-renown Bible software program Logos on their blog.  It was a tremendous honor and privilege to be able to share my heart for the homeless of our city, as well as sharing the story of how Rising Hope began over 2 years ago.  Please take a minute to read it and feel free to comment and share it to friends and family.  I hope this testimony blesses you and empowers you to love on the poor of your city! http://blog.faithlife.com/blog/2015/02/rising-hope-reaching-the-homeless/

A New Year!

Greetings everyone, and Happy New Year!  I hope you had a fantastic last month celebrating with family and friends over Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.  I’d like to give a quick update on how our ministry is doing and some of the fruit that we’ve seen over the past month and a half.  First off, our Thanksgiving Dinner (otherwise known as “Thanksgiveaway”) on November 22 was a HUGE success!  With the partnership of 4 other ministries, we fed over 300 people and gave away about 7 tubs of varied clothing with the help of a combined total of nearly 200 volunteers.  We had food donations from all over the county, and even with six turkeys and a wide variety of side dishes, we ran out of food TWICE in the same evening, the first time within an hour and a half!  We continued the evening by ordering 10 pizzas only to run through […]

2nd Annual Rising Hope Thanksgiving Dinner!

Hey everyone!  Thanksgiving is approaching and we are holding our second annual Thanksgiving Dinner this year on Saturday November 22 from 3pm – 7pm at Maritime Park.  Last year, we held a Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless and low-income families of Downtown Bellingham, and it was incredibly successful.  Many people came up to us during and after the event to share how touched they were by the love that we showed them that day when they had nowhere to go, no family to visit, and no friends to share this time with.  People came up to us with stories of lost loved ones through death, divorce, and unforgiveness that left them finding themselves alone during Thanksgiving, but were welcomed and loved on by the collective efforts of several churches, families, and community groups.  We served over 80 individuals in the span of an hour and a half. And this year, we’re […]