Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to do the loving work of rebuilding and restoring men and women to their true purpose and identity in Jesus Christ. We address the immediate and long-term needs of homelessness through hunger-relief, authentic community, friendship, and care so that others can experience the joy of salvation and a purposeful life of discipleship.


Our Vision:

(Why late at night?  Why minister under bridges, in homeless camps, etc?)

We go to the darkest places in our city, at the darkest time of the night, to the darkest people spiritually in hopes to see God move in the most unexpected ways, in the most unexpected places, to the most unexpected people.



Our Values


We honor others, regardless of background or history, by restoring to them dignity and value in who they are in Christ, empowering the individuals we serve.  We celebrate every triumph, and provide support and encouragement in every temptation and trial.


As servants and leaders, we want to model the life of an authentic follower of Christ by practicing what we preach, exemplifying the joys of living God-honoring lives and the fulfilling pleasures of obedience to Christ and the Word of God in our own personal lives.


We want to wisely steward the resources given to us by understanding that when our limitations are physically and spiritual reached, that we will trust God to encounter the individual in His own ways and in His own timing when we are unable to meet those needs.

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