Shark Tank!

Hi there, everyone!  It’s been a long time since I last posted on our website.  There have been lots of transition within the ministry, as well as personally being very busy over the past year or so has prevented me from updating this site with frequent updates on testimonies, needs, and other things.  However, Facebook will continue to be the best way to connect with us for the most recent up-to-date news with RHSM.  The delays in updates on this website will hopefully change in the coming weeks as we begin to wrap up our time with this year’s YWAM North Cascades team for this year.  There have been tons of amazing, powerful stories of personal development and city-wide impact I have yet to report, so I will hopefully in the coming weeks put together a post highlighting these testimonies soon.

Lots of new ministry partnerships have blossomed since last year, as since a few months ago, Rising Hope is now part of Envision Mission, a church movement for discipling the homeless.  Rising Hope is also continuing to be further connected and supported by Life Church Bayside which we have been a part of for over a year.  They are a fantastic local church that has helped support us with supplies to hand out and spiritual support.  In addition to new partnerships, Rising Hope will also be holding a booth at the first annual Shark Tank Charity Event hosted by Thrivent Financial where we will be able to talk about and share what we do for the homeless in Downtown Bellingham, and why we need your help.  This event is open to the public, and you can click on that link to the Facebook event page where there will be more details on the event.

That’s it for now, please continue to check up on us over at Facebook and pray for us as the spiritual climate of our city and country continues to provide us challenges.

About Jon Ng

Jon Ng is the Ministry Director and Founder of Rising Hope Street Ministry. He has been actively leading Rising Hope since October 4, 2012.