Where’s Jon?

IMG_1031By the time you read this, I will be homeless.  You read that right, I am going to be homeless for a week!  I’ve announced this previous last week on our Facebook page, however I want to get into a little more detail as to why (this is not an April Fool’s joke by the way).  For one week, I am going to immerse myself into the culture of the homeless on the streets of Bellingham.  What is it like to be homeless?  What are the challenges?  How will I be seen and be treated differently?  To be honest, this wasn’t my idea at first.  Originally, it was a challenge issued by one of our friends on the streets.  Johnny has told me that they have been asking these “Christian groups” to come out for a week and see what it’s like living in their shoes before trying to preach at them.  So I took the challenge to their surprise and joy.  I have spent the night under the bridge three times before in the past, however I have never immersed myself for a week living, walking, and being challenged as a homeless man.

So a couple of things:  I will not be leading street ministry Friday night.  Becca however will be leading and will be meeting Friday night at 9:30pm by Rocket Donuts’ parking lot.  So I issue a challenge to you:  Come find me.  How far are you willing to go to find a fellow brother in Christ?  How will I be treated?  At what lengths will you go to find me and minister to me?  The answer is up to you.

This experiment is kind of like putting my finger to the pulse of our community.  I will be visiting several services, churches, and ministries to see how someone like myself could be supported and struggle homeless, and what kind of assistance both spiritually and materially I can receive.  It’s probably the most ambitious, dangerous, and honestly, scary methods of assessments I have ever made on our community.  I want to see what the church is doing.  I want to see how the church sees me when I’m not a leader, director, or spiritual figure.  So I’ll be live-blogging the entire journey on facebook.  Hopefully if we’re facebook friends, you can follow along, otherwise, I’ll be posting a summary of the things I’ve learned next week when I return.

So I’m starting off with a tent, sleeping bag, bible, backpack, an extra pair of socks, and a bike.  No food.  No money.  Let the games begin.


P.S. on another note, we desperately need help in raising funds for a bicycle we want to donate to Bob, our homeless friend who accepted Christ almost two years ago and have been discipling him ever since.  We started a YouCaring donation page to raise the funds, please support our friend so he can continue moving forward in getting out of homelessness!  http://www.youcaring.com/emergency-fundraiser/help-our-homeless-friend-bob-with-a-bike/331308

About Jon Ng

Jon Ng is the Ministry Director and Founder of Rising Hope Street Ministry. He has been actively leading Rising Hope since October 4, 2012.